F&B Profitability Roadmap

Happy Customers and a Better Bottom Line

Food and Beverage can be the market differentiator for independent hotels and what separates them from their branded competitors.  Are you staffing your operation to deliver excellent service with a positive bottom line?  Are there clear lines of responsibility and accountability? Are you able to fully account for all expenses?  A well run system must include suppliers and vendors, working with management to deliver quality products, training support and optimal pricing.     

Introducing the G7 Food & Beverage Road Map

The G7 Food and Beverage roadmap is designed to provide hotel management with a common sense, yet thorough, analysis of their operation.   The package includes a 2-day on-site program with the G7 Team and the entire food and beverage property team.  We will provide a customized plan and offer on-going advice to help with plan implementation for up to three months.

Road Map Deliverables

  • Assess your restaurant(s), bar(s), banquets and kitchen to measure your current business conditions by time-of-day and day-of week.  Conduct cost of sales analysis for both food, and beverage and then test to ensure actual production is equal to estimates.
  • Review current customer mix, competitors and determine possible changes to enhance your brand position in the market.  
  • Identify ways to obtain more from your vendors in value added services and support    
  • Recommend ways to create multi-skilled job positions within the operation to make more effective use of limited staff resources

Contact G7 to learn more: chuck.kelley@g7hospitality.com or gordon.carncross@g7hospitality.com