Crisis Management

Emergency Preparedness for Your Business and Brand

In the world we live in today, we are surrounded by the immediacy of crisis.  We hope to never experience it, but we are all extremely vulnerable.   Crisis Management is not a revenue generator, but it’s often the most important revenue and brand protector.  G7’s affordable Crisis Management Plan assures that you are ready:

  • Customized Plan to ensure you are fully prepared for emergencies, evacuations, IT breaches, natural disasters, terrorism, major issues, and business interruption
  • “1st Hour” document to identify all human and other resource needs, and how to manage and message the Media—including Media training
  • Thorough review, audit, revision and update of your existing Crisis Management Plan for state-of-the-art preparation and readiness
  • Strengthened Legal/Liability protection and time-tested process to minimize revenue loss and return to business-as-normal ASAP

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