16 May 2011

Qualifying Service, One Interaction at a Time

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A  recent weekend getaway to Miami with my wife gave me some time to ponder the concept of service and what it means at its core. After more than 30 years of extensive travel, I calculate that I’ve probably experienced over 5,000 nights in various hotel rooms. This translates to tens of thousands of employee-to-guest transactions of various dimensions. Service has been on the back of my mind throughout my tenure in the industry, and it was while relaxing on the beach that I had my true “eureka” moment. Continue reading “Qualifying Service, One Interaction at a Time” »

17 Mar 2011

Do You Have a Crisis Communications Plan?

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Procrastination is No Longer an Option
The pictures from Japan are utterly devastating. Destruction on an epic scale and the deaths of thousands of innocent people are hard to fully comprehend. My immediate thoughts go out to the families of loved ones who perished.

With this in mind, I ask the naïve question: could it happen here in North America?  The short answer is a definite yes.  Nowadays, the landscape of New Orleans still reels from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and California shares in the earthquake-prone ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ alongside Japan.

It could happen, often in the most unpredictable and tragic ways imaginable.  Some ten years ago, I was working in Manhattan on property during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.   Witnessing firsthand the crisis management undertaken, the memories of this incredible situation and the approach taken by hotel staff are permanent reminders of the crucial nature of this task. Continue reading “Do You Have a Crisis Communications Plan?” »