Five Star Beachfront Hotel/Condo Resort


A Five Star Hotel/Condo Resort required expertize on delivering high quality food and efficient service from their beachfront grille restaurant. The current challenge was very high ticket times during peak periods and the operation was losing money. John Mulrey was asked evaluate the best course of action to achieve both goals.


John did a full discovery process to include the physical equipment required to execute the menu, menu review, time motion studies on flow of culinary and service staff and managerial responsibilities and oversight. He benchmarked the facility to similar operations in other hotels in all cost categories to establish achievable ratios in labor and cost of goods sold.  Space planning and equipment recommendations produced improved production in both the front and the back of the house. A significant change was the forecasting system and production planning process which ensured adequate staffing and preparation.   The management and staff were involved in all recommendations ensuring strong buy in and support.


The ability to execute from the culinary side has improved dramatically improving capacity by over 20%. The service staff is able to handle more guests with proactive selling service. Management is focused on several KPIs in cost, resulting improved profitability. A system is in place to forecast effectively controlling staffing and production planning.   Service staff is focused on upselling for higher average checks.

John has returned to help implement key changes in communication and ensuring managerial controls have been firmly rooted into the continuous improvement process. The General Manager is using John to validate any areas potentially slipping back.