Grenada Board of Tourism – Destination


In late 2004, Hurricane Ivan ravaged the island nation of Grenada. The first hurricane to hit the island in over 50 years, the infrastructure was ill prepared. Heavily dependent on tourism, the challenge lay in restoring confidence in this destination and reversing the negative publicity following the storm. Larry Mogelonsky, a G7 member was chosen to help turn things around.

Solution Part 1

The first stage of the public relations program was to galvanize the community for relief supplies. This involved securing airlift as well as government and private donations. Moving from hand-outs to dedicated rebuilding, Larry and his team’s involvement included programs such as restoring a local fire station with the help of a Toronto-based fire crew. Support was tied to Air Canada Vacations, the lead Canadian carrier to Grenada.

Solution Part 2

With the rebuild effort in hand, the next step was to restore confidence in the product. This was accomplished through visits by travel media who reported on the redevelopment progress as well as monthly e-newsletters to travel agents. Once the schedule for airlift was confirmed, select advertising was initiated.


For the three years following the storm, Larry’s public relations generated over $1.0 million of media annually for Grenada. PAX volume was also restored to pre-hurricane levels.