COMO Hotels & Resorts – Short Chain


With eight locations globally, COMO Hotels & Resorts offer some of the world’s most luxurious environmental experiences. Previously unknown in the Canadian luxury travel market, G7 member Larry Mogelonsky was tasked with the challenge of introducing this high-end brand and building national awareness.


Larry initiated an ongoing Canada-wide PR campaign, positioning COMO Hotels & Resorts as an alternative to the typical luxury vacation. Spreading the word about the COMO properties amongst high-end media was the first step. A cocktail launch event was held to educate and garner media attention. Subsequent events included a media breakfast and an evening reception for the city’s top social media influencers. To maintain top-of-mind awareness, over 650 Canadian media receive a monthly e-news release. In just 18 months 35 press trips were arranged.


As a result of Larry’s PR efforts, in 18 months COMO Hotels & Resorts have accrued approximately 15 million impressions (print and online). The COMO brand has an established presence in designated Canadian markets. From the work undertaken by Larry Mogelonsky, the percentage growth of revenue originating from Canada exceeds all other markets.