Regional Sales Offices


With a newly reconstituted global brand, whose positioning and resources had significantly changed, by having been sold twice within a 2-year span, needed to be re-made. With the majority of its upscale product in Resort locations the goal was to remake the Brand via the most visible assets with nominal dollars.


Bill Scanlon called upon his significant experience to reconstitute a Regional Sales and Marketing team. Based upon comprehensive cost analysis, highly leveraged lease terms, access to a highly skilled labor pool, and airlift analysis, the optimal location for a centralized Office was chosen. The Team was then redeployed based upon key feeder Markets while selectively using GSA’s.

The nature of this portfolio of hotels allowed Bill to suggest, and formulate, a specialized Marketing team. In addition, certain percentages of the portfolio Marketing Dollars were centralized with a cohesive image and messaging, as well as programming, being mandated in order to leverage the spend, the messaging, the distribution and the impact.


  • Cost for participating Hotels were cut almost 8% per hotel
  • A “Shared Service” cost structure was put into place that allowed for equity in cost allocation
  • Lease terms were negotiated with better than a 5% reduction in long term costs as well as providing for a better location, better access, better amenities and better working conditions
  • Marketing expenses remained flat however results from programming (Destination Weddings, Leisure travel, Group, International inbound) saw improvements of 35% -100%
  • Consistent imaging and messaging control allowed for  “Resort Branding” to be implemented
  • Consistent representation of the Brand and legitimate Cross-sell was put into place while RevPAR Growth per Property was in excess of 5-10 points