British Columbia Resort


This destination Hotel Resort in BC offers a premium location with world-class views and amenities and
an ownership committed to excellence and growth. Year on year, the resort has either lost money or
broken even, particularly in the five F&B venues.


Ownership requested a full operational audit to identify opportunities for improvements in service,
menu design, inventory control, shipping and receiving, profit management, and overall efficiencies.
This comprehensive week-long audit was completed in the hotel resort and included all 5 F&B venues,
including the food and kitchen program, banqueting, and room service.


G7 Hospitality Group identified approximately $150,000 – $200,000 in savings, particularly in purchasing
and cost control measures. Detailed sales opportunities were also identified with clear recommends
given to ownership. The comprehensive audit provided ownership with a clear and concise report
outlining all areas of opportunity for success in the future.