Anahid Harrison


Anahid has a record of success in innovative investment and business partnership models, particularly those bridging cultural and national divides. Notably, she project managed implementation of the first multilateral pan-European/South African chamber of commerce in southern Africa and has been strongly engaged in trade and investment promotion activities across both continents. Professionally and privately, she has also throughout her career been actively engaged in training programs, principally in the investment and development field, but with a special personally-motivated emphasis on empowerment of women in business and localization of skills development in tourism-dependent economies. Anahid earned her academic credentials in economics at the American University in Washington, DC and graduate degree at the American University in Cairo. Anahid is fluent in English, German and Arabic.

Anahid is now based in Cape Town, South Africa

Contact Anahid in Cape Town, SA at Tel  +27 (0) 60.964.0487 or or