Amy Ho

Amy HoPersonal Philosophy

Amy’s goal is to achieve the highest level of excellence on every project she leads for her clients. Her philosophy is to seek opportunities that increase efficiencies, improve service, and drive profitability. experience and expertise has proven her philosophy’s success through her use of innovative strategies that improve key performance indicators across all stakeholders.

Career Summary

Amy is a well-respected leader in the Hospitality Industry, with an impressive track record of success, now spanning more than two decades.

  • Has worked extensively on multiple projects with Delta, Marriott, InterContinental, and Hilton Hotels Worldwide.
  •  Has increased top-line revenues through the implementation of aggressive catering sales-plans and analysis of menu and room rental strategies.
  • Has shown strong leadership skills with highly rated results on her training and development of proactive planning procedures.
  • Spent 14 years in an Executive committee role for catering, conference services, and events. • Committed 22 years of skill and dedication to the hospitality industry in both Canada and the United States.
  • In 2012, established Amy Ho Consulting as a professional consulting operation specializing in the following key services:
    • Standard operating procedures for catering sales, events, and banquets
    • Current practices and recommendations for process improvement
    • Delphi Single and Multi Property Edition – training for day to day use, system setup and reporting tools
    • Budget and forecast training
    • Menu and room rental analysis and strategy review to increase profitability
    • Catering sales training
    • Team deployment recommendations
    • Proactive conference management training including group room management/forecasting, reservation tools, menu upselling, group catering forecasting o Leadership coaching and onboarding

Contact Amy in Toronto at Tel +1 416 420 5282 or