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Rack Brochure: Rest in Peace

  I remember my first ad agency assignment in hospitality, some 30 years ago, to design and produce a ‘rack brochure’ for the Inn on the Park Hotel in Toronto. At the time, the project was considered the quintessential component of their marketing plan, requiring both significant design effort and budget given the substantial print […]

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Congee: Breakfast of Champions

It’s a given that there can be vast cultural differences between East and West, North and South, or between any other national divide. These range from the grand-scale like architectural patterns to the miniscule nuances of daily interactions. When people travel to a foreign location, they are indeed yearning for that localized, authentic experience, but […]

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Hotel Predictions for 2012

There are probably as many predictions for 2012 as there are pundits in the media. All doomsday forecasts aside, let me throw my hat in the ring with my own hotel predictions for the New Year. 1. The rise of the OTAs will accelerate. If you think that the statistic of 10% of total rooms […]

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